Reseller guide

As a reseller you can create your own Whitelabel Web-App-Store running under your own domain. To setup a store and to integrate the store into your processes there is some information, which makes it easier for you to integrate. Read about it on this page.

Create a whitelabel store

To create your own store contact us for pricing and the setup: or +49 (0)221 177 340 - 00.

Let customers create free demos

That’s an easy one. Just link to

Parameter type description
templateId (required) int ID of the template you want the customer to crete an app of
templateName (optional) string Name of the template you want to be displayed in the header of the app creation screen. If you leave this field emplty, then the default template name will be used

When a customer clicks on that link, then he will be asked to register or login. After that he will be redirected to the app creation page.